This round is the turn of Martina and Gianluca, for which I will spend a few more words, because it is appropriate to spend it. I met Martina many years ago, because I did her wedding photo shoot with her cousin Barbara (also present in the following photos), and then I found her again at Paola and Dario’s wedding published on these screens. The fact is that Martina had already decided who her wedding photographer should be well before starting the organization (and I thank her with all my heart for this). Organization – and here comes the fun part – managed entirely by Martina herself, who was her own wedding planner, organizing every detail of this beautiful day in a military way, from the beginning of the preparations to the end of the celebrations, not leaving nothing to chance: timing, equipment, decorations, etc. The event took place entirely in the Artimino Estate which was the backdrop for all the photographs you will see below, from the preparations to the final dances.
Setting a wedding photo shoot in Tuscany is certainly always a winning choice, but the landscape of the Florentine hills helps make it truly special. Martina and Gianluca have chosen to organize the entire event outdoors, both the civil ceremony and the dinner, as well as obviously the final dances and celebrations. It was, as I always try to do, a real photographic reportage and wedding video, where my collaborators and I only tried to capture the most beautiful and significant moments of life that passed before our lenses (and eyes) . At a certain point, however, when the golden hour for the photographs arrived, having that goodness of God of the landscape around me, I asked Martina and Gianluca if they wanted to spend 5 minutes to have spontaneous couple photos in that splendid setting and luckily they granted them to me. Furthermore – and here I conclude – during this event I had the opportunity to have the most beautiful setting for the photos of the cutting of the cake, with the bride and groom framed by the lights of the beautiful staircase of Villa Artimino and by two fountains on the sides

Seeing is believing

Wedding reportage at Tenuta Artimino – Martina and Gianluca

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